Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Getting Noticed!

The Walworth County Today mentioned us in a news article! Go 99 Cents!! Maybe we'll even see an increase in donations... (hint! hint!)

I'm tired, you guys. I have been feeling rundown and sick lately. A summer cold perhaps; maybe just bad allergies. I'm sneezing, my eyes are red, my throat is itching and I just don't seem to have the energy to handle all the things I normally would: work, house cleaning, laundry, chasing a toddler, cooking dinner. Even my favorite activities I have no energy for. I can't imagine dragging myself out of the house to meet my girlfriends for coffee or to take a walk to the park with my family.

But I know this will pass. I'll take some over the counter cold and sinus medication. Drink some more orange juice. Get a couple hours of extra sleep and in three or four days I'll be as good as new!

But what happens when you don't get as good as new after three or four days? What happens when weeks of sickness turns into months?

As I was sitting in my living room, cuddled under a blanket even though it was warm out I thought you have no right to feel sorry for yourself. You're not worried about your life... you're only annoyed that you have a stuffy head. That is not the same as fighting for your life.

And then I thought of my friend, Michelle. Another one. Another diagnosis. A new diagnosis which so far she has got quite the snarky attitude about! I imagine she's going to laugh her way through this battle.

But I also know she's a Mom. And mom's would do anything for their babies. They fight hard and they mean business. Her heart is going to ache and I don't want it to. Her fears are going to surface and I don't think she should ever have to feel afraid.

And, knowing her. she will be strong for her family, especially for those boys of hers - as she attempts to navigate her way through doctors and appointments and diagnosis and second opinions and medications and side effects and confusing language and insurance headaches --- all the while trying to maintain a level of normal. But she sees it as she doesn't have a choice - because she is a mom and this is what she needs to do right now.

There are about 565 households in the community Michelle lives in... can you imagine if every single one of those households donated just 99 cents? $559.35 could then be used to fight a disease that threatens to tear households apart...

Fight hard, Michelle. I know you will.

To donate, please use the donate button on the right side of this blog post.
All proceeds will go to the Walworth County Cloggers' 2011 Relay For Life Team to benefit the American Cancer Society.

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