Tuesday, June 7, 2011

We Are Survivors!

Donations from Steph, Steph's Mom, Sue and Jessie.

I think every mother who has ever had a child has though the same thing: "I live in fear that one day my children might suffer." Perhaps just a quiet voice that's always hanging in the background. Years might go by - but then it's heard again. Pain that doesn't make sense. An ailment that doesn't have a diagnosis... and the mother wonders... too many mothers fear.

This says it all!

There are those who have fought long and hard against cancer and won. And there are those who fought, but ultimately lost. And it's important to know the family and friends they left behind are also survivors. They pick up the pieces and do the best they can to create something beautiful with them. They carry legacies and memories. They whisper words of comfort to children left behind. They learn to overcome tragedy and survive in a world where their loved one has been physically taken away from them.

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All proceeds will go to the Walworth County Cloggers' 2011 Relay For Life Team to benefit the American Cancer Society.

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