Tuesday, June 26, 2012

We're at it again... 2012, HERE WE COME!

Remember last year when we raised over SEVEN HUNDRED DOLLARS (just from this little blog!) for the American Cancer Society Relay For Life?

And, remember when I told you about Katelyn... about how her father had just passed away and then she found out her mom, Heidi, who was the captain of the Walworth County Cloggers Relay For Life team had cancer? Yeah, that sucked. Big time sucked. In a way that no kid should ever have to deal with that kind of loss and fear kind of suckage. The kind that makes you so angry and frustrated because it's not fair and there's nothing we can do even though we're grown-ups and we're supposed to be able to fix stuff... so we did what we could and all joined together and put in a dollar - and sometimes a little more - and were able to hand 727 dollars and some odd cents (just from this little blog!) over to Katelyn and say, "here, kid, it's the least we can do" and she was smiling ear-to-ear because she really takes this finding a cure thing seriously.

Well, guess what? Katelyn's mom is doing AWESOME! And she's still our team captain for this year's relay. And not only that.....

Katelyn's Mom is the
2012 Relay for Life Honorary Cancer Survivor!

photo credit: Facebook

It was kept a secret and a really great surprise. And I think everyone cried. I know I did.

So, now I'm getting my butt in gear because in 4 short weeks we're at it again, walking towards a cure... but tonight we're eating towards a cure because the FABULOUS Papa Murphy's Pizza in Delavan, Wisconsin, is donating 20% of all their proceeds today to the Walworth County Cloggers Relay For Life Team. woot! woot! And who doesn't love eating?

For more information on why the Relay is so important to the 65+ dancers that make up the Walworth County Cloggers, read this:  Why We Relay

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