Thursday, July 19, 2012

Because of You. And You. And You and You and You....

I was absolutely floored when I was approached by someone who wanted to not only donate to the American Cancer Society Relay for Life, but who also wanted to encourage OTHERS to donate, so they asked if they could match whatever donations came in yesterday from 10am to 10pm, up to one hundred dollars - which, let's be honest, is a lot of money. I put the call out there and waited to see what would happen....

And $114.90 was raised!! Which meant that ANOTHER $100 was matched!! Which meant that yesterday you (and you and you and you and you and you....) raised a total of $214.90!! Just like that. *snaps fingers*

You guys ROCK! *virtual hug*

Last year we raised $727.00... I'm still not exactly sure how that happened, but we did it. And I wanted to do it again. Tomorrow's the Relay and we're just not there yet.

If 263 people donate just 99 cents today,
we can meet our goal!

It's been a bittersweet week. Three years ago this past Tuesday, my co-worker lost his son to cancer. It was - and still is - so incredibly hard for him. I think about all the baseball games they played together, about the vacations to the civil war destinations they took together, and about the college he can never finish and the children he can never have and the friends he can never drink a beer with and the father he can never hug... and it just hurts.

And, how selfishly, as a mother I plead please, God, not my child. Please, I wouldn't be able to handle it. Please... just not that... 

And then I think about how many other mothers have said that same prayer. How many fathers have begged and negotiated with God and who would give anything, ANYTHING, to change places with their sick children. Just to make them well. Just to make them okay.

And I think about all the moms and dads whose hearts break under the crushing ache of losing their child... who cry when they're driving to pick up bread because suddenly they're reminded again: their child is gone.

But we can't trade places and we can't magically wave the pain and fear away. We can only do what we can... and for me, it's making sure that cancer is not just accepted.

I want to make sure that we continue to raise awareness about all the screenings that can and should be done: get your PAP smear, get your prostate checked, tell your doctor about blood in your stool, don't ignore it. Get your colonoscopy (yes, I know the prep sucks; I've done it. Now you do it.). Get your mamogram. Get those moles and checked out by a dermatologist.

I want to make sure that no one who has cancer misses a treatment because they can't get a ride to the hospital. That's just not acceptable to me. I want to make sure we can finance programs that will provide rides to and from treatment, or offset the cost of gas -- especially when a patient has to drive an hour or more to their appointment.

I want to make sure that a teenager gets a wig if that's what she'll feel comfortable in. My goodness, isn't highschool hard enough as it is?

I want to make sure that all my family members and friends who have battled cancer are not forgotten. That they're strength and courage is something to be honored and remembered -- regardless of whether the battle was one or lost.

I want to make sure that I do what I can. No matter how big or how small.

No matter if it's just a little bit.

...just 99 cents...

To donate directly through the American Cancer Society Relay For Life page, CLICK HERE. Or you can look over to the right-hand side of this page and find that little PayPal button and donate through that.

All proceeds will go to the Walworth County Cloggers' 2012 Relay For Life Team to benefit the American Cancer Society.

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