Monday, May 23, 2011

An Example of Giving With Love and Tenderness

Meet Deanna.

Deanna lives over 1,100 miles away.

Deanna saw my just 99 cents blog and donation request
and thought it was pretty cool.

But she didn't stop there.

Instead of just thinking about what a good idea it would be to donate,
she donated.

And she sent her Mom to drop off her donation who, by the way,
is the sweetest woman I have ever met.

Along with the donation was this note:

I thought your idea of 99cents was brilliant but,
I thought I would do it a little different.

One of those dollars is in memory of my husband's grandfather,
who died of lung cancer.

$1 in memory of one of my mom's best friends, Gerry,
who died of breast cancer.

$1 for my sister-in-law,
who is a cancer survivor.

$1 for my aunt,
who is fighting leukemia every day.

$1 for one of the teachers at my kids’ elementary school,
who is a cancer survivor.

And the last $5 is in memory of my Gramma,
who died almost 20 years ago of lung cancer.
She was the best person that I have ever met
and I think about her every day.

Personally, I think Deanna's way was perfect. Don't you?

All proceeds will go to the Walworth County Cloggers' Relay For Life Team to benefit the American Cancer Society.

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