Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Just 99 Cents. What's THAT going to do?

The Walworth County Cloggers have a team for this year's American Cancer Society Relay For Life - which I think is awesome because it seems like every single person on this planet has been somehow effected by cancer. And cancer sucks.

So, of course, being a 'Clogging Mom' I feel compelled to do my part. Except I'm just me. And cancer is huge. Too huge, it seems.

It's all just so overwhelming. I mean, cancer is everywhere.

I recently reunited with an old elementary classmate on Facebook and was flipping through his pictures... photo after photo of his beautiful, tiny daughter fighting for her life because for whatever reason she was given this battle that no one should fight (least of all a child). I have family, friends, neighbors, teachers, co-workers -- all affected by cancer. Maybe they themselves have it. Or their wife just received the diagnosis. Or their neighbor just passed away from it.

What the hell can one person do?

Maybe not much.

But what can a bunch of people do?

Well, they can make a difference.

See, in the olden days, when a house caught on fire, every person from the community raced out to help. Because one person couldn't do it by themselves. Together they formed a line, standing side-by-side, passing buckets of water as fast as they could- being careful not to spill... determined to see this tragedy out until the bitter end.

And together they saved lives. They saved buildings. Memories. The rocking chair great grandpa made from his own two hands. The baby cradle passed down from generation to generation.

They did that together.

And if you asked any one of them who had been standing in that line they would have said, "Who? Me? What did I do but take a bucket and pass it to the next person? I did nothing special..."

But to the family who stood watching their lives crumble before their eyes they saw heroes. Everyday heroes who stood together and fought the good fight.

And so... I'm determined to fight the fight against cancer one little bit at a time. Imagine if a bucket was being passed from person to person all around the world and all you had to do was put in just 99 cents. That's all. Just 99 cents. And then you passed it to the next person who put in their 99 cents... and on and on and on...

Oh, what an overflowing bucket we'd have at the end!

So, I give because it's important to me.

And I give because it's important to you.

I give because when it's my turn to fight the beast, or my daughter's, or my son's, I want modern medicine to have made leaps and bounds in how they detect cancers, how they treat cancers, and how they prevent cancers.

I give because I know that every little bit makes a big difference.

If you feel compelled to donate just 99 cents, please use the donate button on the right hand side of this blog. All donated amounts will go to the Walworth County Cloggers' American Cancer Society Relay For Life Team to benefit the American Cancer Society.

Please also share this with your friends. Post it on your Facebook. Or in your Twitter feed. Or any where else you think people should see it.

Together we CAN make a difference... just 99 cents at a time....

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