Thursday, May 26, 2011

The Fight Ain't Over Yet!

and create the life we want to live.
I have seen it happen time and time again.
~ Gillian Anderson

For some reason, and we will never understand why - some people will be handed a lot in life that seems way too much to bear.

They will be happy and seemingly healthy and they will have plans. Big plans. Plans to marry, to buy a house, to have kids. And they will have set about on that path they carved out in front of them.

And then something will hit them. Hard. Out of the blue. Without warning.

And it will be big. And scary. And there will be a flood of tears and a flood of prayers...

And, for some, those prayers will be answered.

And they will overcome.

And they will grow to help others and teach their children to help others because they will know how important it is for others to overcome, too. They will know how precious life hanging in the balance truly is. And they will know that every little bit helps.

And those are some incredibly special people. 

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